03 October 2012

Day 3: Who we are

Yesterday my Boy filmed out at Round Top all day. I was trying to fight the envy--he got to hang out with some of our favorite friends, follow one of my favorite bloggers around, spend the day at one of the coolest events ever...and to top it all off, they got to go to Rachel Ashwell's The Prairie for an event. Sigh. I kid about the envy...mostly. :) When he came in, to shouts of "Daddy! Daddy!" and kids jumping on him like he was Pa Ingalls walking in after being gone for months, he hugged me and handed me something. I kid you not--this is just who we are, and the timing couldn't have been more perfect. My manly Boy said, "I got you a happy." Cause it's just who we are. Wanna see? I'm soooooo wearing it tomorrow! He brought me a tee from The Prairie. Does he know me, or does he know me?

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