29 October 2012

Day 28: Fall 2013

This 31 days has been...amazing. Even beyond a little happy, things are changing and moving and I'm just trying to be obedient and keep up! You guys have been so wonderful to like us on Facebook...it's humbling, all this support. On Saturday, Lynn brought my best customer to Brenham so James could take some pictures of him. Hopefully there are a couple that are good pics of the shirts...as far as I'm concerned, they're ALL good pictures of Jackson!

Then after church yesterday we took the kids out to the corn maize for a fall 2013 shoot. Yes! I may not be ready for THIS year, but by golly we're thinking ahead!

We got several compliments on our shirts yesterday, but of course neither of us had business cards. Here's the thing: am I THAT guy? Or do I just tell people I make and sell them, check out alittlehappystore.com? I'd love your feedback on that one...I don't want to be the creepy lady that stalks you in Hobby Lobby to give you her business card!

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