22 October 2012

Day 22: a little balance

so, today looks like this:

quiet time until 6:30.  have been up since 5:00 for that purpose and have been online looking up the stuff i woke up thinking about, instead.

revised:  put laptop away.  quiet time from 6:12-6:30.

feed and love on my family.  get dressed.  pack lunches.  get everyone to school and work on time.

get that ginormous nail removed from my tire...and probably get said tire replaced.  rework this week's already-slim budget to reflect new tire.

work on my "real" job.

pick up noble.

feed and love on noble.  put him down for a nap.

feed and love on james.  send him back to work.

work on my real job.

pick up kayci.

be mommy until bedtime (feed, love, play...you know the drill).

work on my "real" job.  check in on my online job.

spend some time with my boy.


do it again tomorrow, minus the tire (God willing, right?).

it's all about balance, right?  last week the scales tipped waaaaaaaaaaaay toward taking care of a little happy business.  so this week, time to get back in the saddle and focus on getting my head back in the ppcd game...gotta go TO work wednesday AND friday.  this will be one of "those" weeks work-wise, but you know, i'm cool with it because we had such a great weekend.  i'm starting this week refreshed and focused and excited for whatever's next.

how about you?

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