12 October 2012

Days 9, 10, 11 & 12: Seasons

So much for picking up on Tuesday.  Sigh.

It's been a busy week, work- and life-wise.

Crud--typing that reminded me I've got some work to do before I get into the shower.  I started a new online cycle last week (I haven't worked for them since JULY!) and honestly, it's been a little hard to get back in that saddle.  I have to keep reminding myself to get online and check courses every day!  It'll get automatic again, I know...

So this is a blog post I started Tuesday when I took Noble to the park to feed the ducks after school.  As we stood there, it occurred to me that this season of our lives, his preschool season, is drawing to a close.

Kayci's elementary school season is drawing to a close, as well.

Before we know it, Friday night football games will be the norm--only they'll ride home on a bus or with friends.  It sure was fun to watch our mini mascots a week ago, though!

Before we know it, this one will be...ack, I can't even think what's next.  She's so big!  Doesn't she look gorgeous in that jacket and boots?  I had to text this pic to Keely--she reminds me of college Keely in this picture.  All she needs is some sweater boot thingys.

And this one...our days of heading to the park with our lunch and lunch for the ducks and geese are numbered.  Sniff.  This is one of my absolute favorite things that we do...

And how much longer will he ask for a push on the swings?
My point is, there are seasons in our lives.  The seasons change, and we change.  I work every day to make sure we're enjoying the season we're IN, and not worrying about the season just past or the season to come.

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