02 October 2012

Day 2: Happys!

I met Lynn my sophomore year at Sam.  She was unlike anyone I'd ever been friends with, and from the start we had tons of fun together.  The sillier, the better!  We eventually became best friends and roommates, and our friendship has endured (with a few bumps and bruises, since we're real around here) for 18 years now.  (Yowza--now I feel old!)

One thing I learned from Lynn was how much fun it is to give little gifts.  Whenever Lynn traveled with her parents, she'd bring me back a little gift and say, invariably:  "I got you a little happy!"  Or if she was out shopping and saw something I'd like, she'd get me a happy.  You get the idea--Lynn is the friend who taught me the joy of GIVING.  (Not that I didn't love GETTING all those happys, you know, but for the first time I realized how much more fun it is to GIVE!)

To this day, Lynn is so good about having little happys for me or the kids when we get to visit.  And one thing I always, always look forward to are cards and notes from Lynn...for 18 years now, I know when I see this:

that there's a happy inside.  And that makes me happy inside.  :)

Lynn, thank you for teaching me about happys, 
and inspiring me even after all these years!

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