01 November 2012

Grateful...to be DONE!

It's November (already!).  Each day I'll post something I'm grateful for, but I won't limit myself to the "series" posts this month because last month during the 31 days I kept thinking of things I wanted to tell y'all and I didn't want to interrupt my flow of 31 days of purpose.  So, no more "rules"--just 30 days of gratitude/thankful fors!  And whatever else comes to mind...

Big shocker:  I'm a procrastinator from way back.  

True story.

This summer I thought it would be a fabulous idea to sign up for an online training to support a project I'm working on at work.

The training started the week mom retired, which was right before my big staff development day, which was the week before school started, which was the week mom moved here, which was...well, the beginning of a very busy couple of months around here.  Seriously, I JUST stopped feeling like every day was summer vacation a couple of weeks ago!  I was having a really hard time getting back into the work swing of things.  

And I kept putting this online course off and putting it off...every time I'd start looking at it I'd get overwhelmed.  So I kept moving it down on my work to-do list.  Oh, no, can't do that, I have to um...print this page first.  You know how it goes.  Well, that's how it goes for me.

But, this caused a world of problems for the accounting department because I'd *idiotically* signed up for an online course that straddled two fiscal years.  Oy.

It's been an ongoing issue.  I'm a little surprised I still have a job.

Last week, I got the e-mail:  FINISH THE FREAKING COURSE NOW.

So, I got busy.

And yesterday I finished it.

Do you have any idea how good it feels to have that off my list??  I'm so relieved.

Today I'm going to tackle stuff I needed to do 3 weeks ago, and MUST have done before my teachers meet next Wednesday.  Then I'll be "caught up."  Mostly.

I know I take on too much, but I do love being busy.  I just don't like being BEHIND.  Which is why the procrastination issue irritates me...I tend to keep things very compartmentalized:  work, volunteer stuff, family, home, online job, a little happy...and I attack things in "must do" order.  Unless it's something major.  In which case I'm likely to move everything else to the top of the list to avoid doing the hard thing.

Maybe that'll be my New Year's Resolution.

I'll figure it out later...

Come on, that was funny, you guys.

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