14 November 2012

Me Party!

This has been a weird week.  Not a bad week, just weird.  I normally commute to Houston on Wednesdays and actually GO IN to work (as opposed to working at home).  This week I was supposed to go on Monday, but then we changed it to Tuesday.  I was excited, too, about the meeting we were supposed to have.

I heard it.  Did you hear it?

So...I got on the road yesterday morning.  I got on the road later than I'd planned, and then I got a call from Daddyboy saying we had a sick, crying Bitty who really, really woke up needing a Mommy hug. So, I turned around (luckily, I was only at the edge of Brenham) and went home to hold my Bitty for a bit.  The night before she didn't eat dinner and went to bed sick, so I was halfway expecting her to be sick yesterday.  I *wasn't* expecting her to feel so bad that she'd miss school, since it was CSI (think our Encounters, a full day of GT stuff at a different campus!).  But, she must have really been sick because she didn't want to go to school.  I am so grateful that my Mom is here, now, because James was able to take our sick girl over there and head into work.

Back to me on the road...I got into stop and go traffic in Cypress.  Annoying and not at all unusual, so I was fine.  Then I started hearing that chirping noise of a slipping belt and I thought, man, somebody ought to have that looked at.  But I kept hearing it...so I turned down the music and realized that somebody was me.  Still wasn't worried, figured I'd tell James when I got home.  Then I exited to get on the Beltway and get off of the parking lot that was 290, and my car went a little crazy.  So, I pulled over into a parking lot and called my Boy for his opinion.  Back in the day when he was commuting from Houston to Brenham in the CRV every day, the timing belt went out one day and took a whole lotta engine with it.  That put a dent in our Discover card, let me tell ya.  But, we don't have a Discover card anymore, so we are hoping to catch this timing belt before it eats our lunch.

Anyway, I texted my boss and let her know, then settled in to wait--it was going to be 2 hours before James could get out to get me, and I really did not want to ride to Brenham with a tow truck operator (even though he turned out to be perfectly wonderful!).

What's a girl to do?

Well, since my Boy would NOT agree to let me drive far enough to stop in a Target parking lot (harumph!), I parked where I originally turned in, by the Academy.  And luckily for me, there was a La Madeline in the parking lot.

So, I grabbed my wallet and headed in to make some lemonade out of these lemons.

And I did.  I was sitting there by the fireplace with my chocolate croissant and yummy, warm coffee and I kept hearing, "I'm having a me party..." in my head.

That's what it was, all right.

I had a little me party in La Madeline, then I headed back to my car to get some work done while I waited.  I have to admit, even though my boss might read this, that I got more done in that hour and a half than I probably would have accomplished all day at home today.  It felt pretty good.

Because I have the attention span of a gnat, I took a break and checked facebook.  One of my sweet friends had posted this:

Be still before the Lord (stop) and wait patiently (on tip toes) for Him. 
Psalm 37:7a

Be still--it's funny how hard He has to work sometimes to remind us to just stop and wait for Him.  

I'm waiting, Lord.  :)  


A Journey For Life said...

Now that's a "little happy"! Some people might become unglued with those circumstances, but you handled it very wisely!! :)

MommyGirl said...

Jennie, what would I do without your encouragement? I'll be honest...I wish sometimes I'd had this positive outlook when I was in the classroom all day every day and interacted with so many people...think of the difference that would have made. It's taken a lot of living and losing and learning to get to this place of peace, and I don't take a minute of it for granted! :)