05 November 2012


My plan was to take all of those bags of shredded paper and my dashed hopes to recycling on Friday.  But, between work and getting ready for camping, I ran out of time.

This morning I thought, I'd better get that to recycling today.  So I went to move the bags to my car, and after touching the first wet bag, remembered that it rained this weekend.  No way was I putting all of that wet stuff in my car, so I tossed that first almost empty bag aside to move the rest outside the gate so I could put them in the truck on James' lunch break.  And when that bag hit the ground, I heard a clink.

So I picked it up and set it down on the ground again--clink.

And it's me, so I did it several more times.  clink.  clink.  clink.  clink.  clink.  clink.  clink.

I held my charm bracelet still in case that's what I was hearing.  Nope.  clink.

I didn't want to get my hopes up after all I went through last week to find that ring.  (Thanks, Heather, btw.)  But I got down on my knees and started digging.  Nothing.  I'd pick the bag up and drop it again to listen for where the sound was coming from.  clink.

I didn't give up.  I kept digging.  Then I started pulling paper OUT of the bag, figuring it'd be easier to clean up my back porch than let that ring go when I was so. close.  clink.

I wanted to give up--for a not very full bag, I was having NO LUCK.  clink. 

But I knew it was in there.

And finally, I found it.

That's better.

All I can figure is that this bag was the VERY. LAST. HANDFUL. of shredded paper from the bags I literally went through shred by shred...and I somehow missed it.  I didn't go over it with the metal detector because I *knew* it was in one of the other 3 bags.

So much for knowing.  I was wrong, and I don't care.  I got my ring back!!!!

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