07 November 2012

A New Day

Yesterday is over, and the results of are election do not surprise me.  But today is a new day, and I'm grateful to have a job to drive to today.  I'm grateful today is AWANA day, and even though I'll miss it tonight, my kids will still learn about who's really in charge of our country.  I'm grateful that I got to cuddle on the couch with my Boy last night and catch up on TV and watch election returns.  I'm grateful that we have a few more busy days (several, if you're counting) and then life should settle down a bit.  I'm grateful to have a few more t-shirt orders to process by the end of the week, and for the calls I've gotten this week for jobs that I'm having to turn down.  I'm grateful we live in a country where we got to vote yesterday, and have a say.  One vote does still count, no matter what the naysayers say.

Today is a new day.  Time to take stock, and move forward with a grateful heart.

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A Journey For Life said...

Amen girl!! I am thankful for friends like you that remind me this morning, all the wonderful things to be thankful for!!