10 November 2012

Date Night

Last night Daddyboy had a photo gig, so the kids and I were left to our own devices for a couple of hours.  We needed to head downtown (ah, life in a small town, downtown is 5 minutes away!) and pick up a birthday gift, so I figured that would kill a few minutes.  Well, it's been a while since we've been downtown so after we got the gift the kids wanted to walk around.  And then someone asked for ice cream.  And...well, I couldn't think of a reason to say no.  So I didn't.  We visited a friend who's in the middle of closing her shop (bittersweet), then headed down to Yumm! for pizza and ice cream.

Friday nights are usually tough because we're all pretty wiped out at the end of the week, and man, was this week a DOOZIE.  But last night wasn't tough at all, it was fun.  It was relaxed.  We laughed, and skipped, and giggled.  And then we ran to WalMart for part of another birthday gift, and by the time we got home Daddy was home.  So we changed into pjs and the boys played video games for a while and Kayci and I hung out, then we all ended up on our bed watching "The Brady Bunch" and eating popcorn.  I suspect we'll be cleaning popcorn out of our room for days, but that's okay.  :)  This was the kids' first time to watch the Bradys, and they actually enjoyed it.  Kayci was scandalized by the length of the dresses (but, but, that's just a SHIRT!), and we got a giggle at Mr. Brady's sweet capri jeans and high tops.  It was nice to watch something with our kids that didn't contain language that was iffy ("stupid" is a bad word in our house...that's the least of the iffy language on the Disney shows we watch) or disrespectful children (and adults!).  I foresee more "Brady Bunch" in our future.

I don't want to live 30 years ago, or even 50, 60, 70, or 80 years ago.  I'm definitely inspired by various things from all of those times--design, clothing, furniture, food, simplicity...but I don't want to live in simpler times.  I want to live simply in this time.  It can be done, but sometimes I have to literally stop moving and doing and planning and working and just refocus on what's really important.

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