22 November 2012


When we were first married, James went to work for a video production company.  It was a really interesting job, and I enjoyed the perks.  One weekend we were asked to be in a commercial for a local car lot, which thrilled me.  But...we got there, and the shoot was off-schedule.  It drove me NUTS.  We were just waiting and waiting and waiting and they were being sooooooo inefficient.  Then it was finally our time to be on camera, and they had us, the 24 year old newlyweds, look at a minivan and a the older parents with their 2 kids looking at a sports car.  Really?  Oh, my poor Boy--I don't think I said a positive word all day.  And I know there were other shoots I was involved with that I criticized this or that.  Man, I must have been so. much. fun. to be around.  NOT!

Needless to say, God's been working on my control freak nature.  A lot.  And I've been letting Him.  (That's a control freak joke.  Get it?)  I'm not saying I don't struggle with it, because I do, but I'm learning that I can't and shouldn't, quite frankly, control everything.  

Along with that, I've learned over the past several years that there's always something positive in a situation, even if it's that the situation has gone horribly wrong and will be a learning experience.  I've changed from one who's always pointing out the negative to one who can either keep her mouth shut or say something nice.  And I'm working on that one every day...there are lots of negative people out there, and it can be contagious.

That's me, the photographer's assistant.  I wasn't sure what to wear, but I'm glad I opted for clothes I could run, climb, jump and bend over in...I'm thinking a variation of this outfit for each season will be my uniform!

This past weekend I had the honor and pleasure of being James' assistant at his first solo wedding shoot.  I know I'm biased, but he did an AMAZING job.  He's grown so much as a photographer, not just with his technical skills but his people skills, as well.  It was really cool to watch him work--I am in awe of how much talent God has packed into that one man.

I think he was nervous, honestly, about me being his assistant.  I don't blame him.  See above.

As recently as last spring, I've had trouble assisting James with shoots because I would talk to much to the people IN the pictures, not pay attention, not hold stuff right, and the list goes on.  I sucked as an assistant, not so much anymore because I wanted to be the boss but because I just didn't do a good job of being an assistant and listening to the one who was leading me.  But God's been at work, there, too, and this wedding was my chance to redeem myself and prove that I've been listening and growing.

I'm proud to say that I did a great job of being James' hands and feet this weekend.  I took direction well and was able to stay in sync with him (rather than trying to be one step ahead of him, as in the past, which usually ended up badly!).  I chalk that up to maturity on my part, and just being able to submit.  (All those Bible studies are paying off!)  And my Boy and I are in a great place right now, so that helps, too.

It really helped when we got home and faced our car issue head on...we've been praying and working on that all week.  Guess what we're getting tomorrow?  :)  And it hasn't been nearly as stressful as I thought it would be, because we're on the same page.

I like it here.  My prayer today is that we can STAY on the same page throughout the day as we celebrate with a full house.  James is taking lead again today, as he enjoys cooking the turkey and I really could care.  :)  I'm grateful HE enjoys it, though!

And I'm grateful for you, sweet friends.  Go out and be a blessing to your man today, and be sure he knows how grateful you are for him.  :)

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