04 December 2010

Wots of Snow!

Last night was the annual Lighted Christmas Parade.  It was a lot of fun to ride on Germania's float (James got to ride with us this year!) and see the kids' reactions.  The parade theme was Polar Express, so they turned the float into a train car.  They mounted a "smoke stack" on the top of James' truck to make the engine and somebody also had the BRILLIANT idea to put a snow machine up there.  It was awesome!  When the snow would come down, Noble would stop waving long enough to grab my face and pull me close to say, "wots and WOTS of snow!!"  He was so cute, sitting and waving the whole time...he loved it.  Kayci had a blast, too...I think parades are old hat to her now, but she chose to ride in the parade instead of watch so she must like it at least a little.  :)

It was such a great night...if you're familiar with the Polar Express music, it's very...majestic, for lack of a better word.  To sit there among the lights and the "snow," watching the expressions on the kids' faces on the street when they saw the snow...it was just priceless.  Going to the bakery afterward with friends, seeing friends, enjoying hot chocolate and just visiting...awesome.  James took some great pictures, so I suspect there will be an ipharaon post later with pics.

Lighted parade:  reason #1,406,807 I love living in a small town.  :)

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