08 December 2010

How Does She...

I have a new button on my blog--it's a link to the "how does she..." blog.  Alas, it's not an award...just a useless attempt to win that dang Silhouette machine.  :)

A friend wrote that she reads my blog on the ipad while she's getting ready in the morning--now I feel bad that I didn't write anything today!!  I have to say, doing the whole thankfulness series in November totally got me back in the habit of blogging every day, which I've enjoyed.  I really should NOT be doing this right now as I have work to do (why I'm home and not in district, yet) AND I'm entertaining my poor child with the TV instead of quality Mommy time.  Sigh--some days you just can't do ANY of it well, right?

I do have something to write about today, but it'll have to wait.  I'll answer that question:  how does she?  Chances are, the answer is NOT what you're expecting, sweet friend!

(And thanks, friend, for taking care of my girl today while I work!)

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