07 December 2010


I stayed up a little later than usual last night--it was free Redbox day and I picked up a DVD I was not willing to pay $$ to see...and I had a lot of work stuff on my mind/plate so just wasn't ready for bed.  :)  SATC2 was okay...pleasant surprise!  Anyway,  my Boy let me sleep in this morning.  I woke up to kisses on the nose from the knuckleheads, which was just awesome.  You know when you wake up and you're not sure what day it is?  When I woke up I knew it was late (6:40--very late for me!) and for a few seconds, I thought it was Saturday.  I was like, ahhhh...then I remembered, it was definitely NOT Saturday.  But it's pretty close--I don't have to work in Houston today, so it feels like a holiday!

The kids and I went to the bakery for breakfast (Daddy had to go to work early, so we needed some motivation and distraction), then to Kayci's school to deliver some gifts, visit the book fair, and do a little work for PTO.  Then, after a quick stop to fill my empty gas tank (!) Noble and I got to come HOME.  I've been piddling with laundry and wrapping some gifts, and he's happily playing Cars.  (Wook, Mommy, happy--fwiends!!!)  I love that kid, and he LOVES days at home.  So maybe it's not a Saturday, and we do have a lot to do today, but for now, it feels pretty great to be here.

Hope you have an ahhhhhhmazing day!

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