14 December 2010

Favorite Things

*I was going to post about how I'm feeling...lost, out of sorts, etc. due to a work issue.  But I'm not.  I'm tired of that--aren't you?  So, here we go...

Favorite Things

First, a disclaimer:  it's clip art.  I'm too lazy to get up and take a picture of the sweet sticks in the kitchen.  mmm...sweet sticks.

One of my favorite things about this season--cold weather in general--is peppermint.  I put peppermint in my coffee and hot chocolate...usually I drink a boat load of Candy Cane Lane tea (just not in a tea place this year).  I love, love peppermint.  This year we figured out that if we drop a Bob's Sweet Stick (sugar/peppermint sticks--yum!) into coffee or hot chocolate, it's AWESOME.

Last week we were supposed to load up the kids with pajamas and hot chocolate and go see Christmas lights, but Noble fell asleep before we could get out the door (never, ever happens).  So last night we ran through Starbucks on the way to get Kayci (fun for the whole family!), added our own Sweet Sticks (we'd just happened to restock at the WalMart...I don't always carry them with me, despite how this post sounds), and after gymnastics we drove around and looked at Christmas lights--another one of my favorite things.

On Pecan St., this amazing house had signs that said "tune to 88.1."  So we did--and their lights were timed with the music, like at Disney World!  It was so cool...if you're around, go check it out.  I can't imagine what goes into something like that, but it's impressive.  I'm tempted to go back and put a note in their mailbox thanking them for the show!  :)

There's some randomness, straight from me to you.  Hope your Tuesday's terrific!  (I won't mention that I'm not sure how mine's going to go, or even if I'm driving in today...sigh.  I WILL say that tomorrow is the big PTO luncheon--wish me luck!)

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