11 December 2010

What I Love About Bitty...

This morning Kayci came in while I was brushing my teeth.

"Guess what! The icicles on the gingerbread house are hard as rocks!"

So I explained that's why we use royal icing...so she asked what makes it royal icing...so I told her I'd look it up.

This is a very normal thing around here. Kayci is so curious to know the WHY behind everything, and that challenges me to learn right along with her. I love that!

And those icicles? Kayci took over the gingerbread house decorating and worked and worked until she figured out how to drizzle and drip just so. I can't even do that!

*btw: royal icing is the traditional fruitcake icing (didn't know that!) which was the traditional wedding cake of royals (got me there, too). :)

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