15 December 2010

Soup Kitchen

Today's the annual Staff Appreciation Luncheon at Kayci's school. I decided to do soup this year to simplify a bit...we'll see. Feeding 100+ people is nervewracking...I think I got it right this year, but we'll see. The cool thing is, we have so many awesome volunteers that ALL I have to do is the soup. :)

After hauling two full carts to the car at HEB...

...I went to WalMart to replace our automatic can opener. Today is not the day for the manual opener.

Soup's on!


Heather said...

You did an amazing job on the luncheon today. You are so full of it, that "ALL" you did was the soup! You did everything with a little help from the rest of us! Thank you for making us all look good!

MommyGirl said...

Thanks, my better half! YOU were a working machine today! :) AND you're keeping Nobley so I can unload the car today...priceless. Seriously, everyone at St. P's probably thinks he's your kid!