20 December 2010

Best Birthday Ever!!!

It's been a busy--but great!--few days around here. Mom came up Friday to watch the kids while we had an early birthday date. Now, after a long crazy week, we opted not to sit through the movie we'd planned to see (ehhh reviews) and decided to have a family dinner at our favorite "nicer" restaurant, instead. :). Not what we had planned, but it felt right on Friday. After dinner Grandma and Kayci kicked us out of the house for awhile, so Daddyboy and I enjoyed some Starbucks and time to just walk around and visit. :)

We returned home to fun birthday decorations (they'd obviously been cooking this up all week!) and fell asleep on the couch to "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever." All in all, a great day, and exactly the evening I needed after a crazy week. Here's a peek at their hard work:

And the piece de resistance...

What a fun coincidence--it totally matches one of my gifts from Heather!

Saturday morning was awesome--we woke up at 4 (darn internal clocks!) and watched some TV and a movie before facing the busy day. Perfect! Then it was time for birthday donuts and presents...

OH, my!!! I'm still in shock!!! Turns out the whole time I was trying to win one, my Boy was waiting for this one to ship. How awesome is he?? (big thanks also to Mom & Haitham for contributing to this one!!). I don't have words, yet...so excited...so need some time to take it in. :). Oh, the possibilities!

I also have to mention Rachel and Heather, who each put together fun gifts of my favorite things. Thanks, girls--I was so touched by the time & effort you each put into making me smile!!

After breakfast, we were off to College Station for Katie's graduation. I don't have pictures on my phone, but you can see them on facebook. I am so proud of Katie--I couldn't love her more if I tried. She has turned into an amazing young woman, and I can't say enough about her. Her boyfriend is pretty awesome, too, but no pressure, guys. Much love to Katie (and Johnny!) as you start this new chapter. Can't wait to see what's next for you!

After graduation, we were off to Pflugerville for some baking and candy making! We had fun just hanging out with Ronny's family and Grandma. And Ronny made me the BEST red velvet birthday cake--that alone was worth the trip!!

Thanks to all of you who called and texted and emailed and sent messages on facebook and mailed cards...I definitely felt the love. And it was a fantastic birthday all around--I couldn't imagine a better weekend!

We're home today (until we head to Santa's Wonderland)...just sitting her watching thee kids play and being grateful--for them, for their wonderful Daddy, for my family, for you, friends, and for this blessed life I enjoy. I am so thankful!

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