03 December 2010

The Sweater

Since we were in the big city, we stopped by Old Navy to exchange a shirt and pick up MORE pants (she is growing so tall!!) for Kayci.  Noble fell asleep, so I stayed in the car with him while Daddy and Kayci ran in.

When we got home last night, I opened up the Old Navy bag and pulled out a pink sweater.  It was a...nice pink sweater, but still, a pink sweater.

image:  www.oldnavy.com

James was smiling from ear to ear, until I said, "whaaaat's this?"  Then he quit smiling..."you wanted a pink sweater!"  

Well, no, I didn't...I tried on an ORANGE sweater last week but then didn't buy the dress or shirt that I wanted the old sweater for since they didn't have the orange sweater, so really, I'm good on sweaters.  But it was a nice thought!  


Brenda said...

This post reminds me of the time KP bought me a pink UT Longhorns hoodie. Pink. My fave color is ORANGE. Longhorn color is burnt orange. He got me pink. Pink. I wanted a hoodie. Didn't have one. Got a pink one. It truly is the thought that counts. Just saying. ;)

MommyGirl said...

It is the thought, Bren--gotta love our boys for trying, don't know many others who would even try. We're lucky! Misunderstood sometimes, but lucky. :) Have a snake-y Saturday!

James Pharaon said...

In my defense, that Old Navy wasn't lit very well (it's the only Old Navy, incidentally, that I've ever seen in the back of a truck...) and it was in a really bad part of town and I was just in a hurry. And we were on our way to a funeral. And it was a Thursday.

So, there's that...