30 December 2010

It's a Beautiful Day...

Can you hear Bono singing it??

I woke up this morning feeling like myself again.  Although I've totally done Kristi things already, like start 4 different projects and finish only 1, I'm going to take it easy this morning so I don't use up what energy I have before we have to go to Houston later.  (Grandparent Christmas #2 of 4...they're really spread out this year.)  Anyway...I'm so grateful to feel better!  Still have pressure in my ears but I can totally live with that.  Noble and I both have a little bit of a cough hanging on, but nothing like the past week or so.  Hooray!

While I have a list of things I need to do/want to do in my head, I know I need to back up and worry about one thing at a time.  The kids and I definitely need some fresh air--that's at the top of my list!  We have been couch-bound, literally, for a week.  I'm sooooooo tired of kids' TV.  I think they must be, too, as they've turned it off this morning and are playing train instead.  (Fun aside:  this morning they were watching "Sid the Science Kid" and he was thinking about bringing a TV into his room and watching TV all weekend...which of course got vetoed by his parents and then led to a discussion about exercise and healthy choices.  Nobley said, "you can't have TV in your WOOM!"  And Kayci said, "wow--how is he healthy if he wants to watch TV all weekend and eat junk food?"  So even though we've been making like couch potatoes, they kids still GET it.  Phew.  I feel better!)

So...tomorrow is the last day of 2010.  I'm feeling a little conflicted about 2010, but I'll write about that later.  I'm wondering if I'll make a New Year's Resolution this year or not.  I kind of already did through James' 12 Days of Christmas...so I may stick with that.  But it's the time of year when I want to clean up the house, clean out stuff we don't use, organize what's staying...I don't have much to do in the office (we've actually kept it up the whole YEAR...can you believe it??) but my cabinets can use some work.  And there are clothes I need to get rid of, once and for all, and the whole house needs a good cleaning once I put Christmas away.  Oh, I need to put Christmas away.  :)  Lots to do.  Not sure how much will get done in the next few days, but trying not to worry about that.  It'll get done, right?

Are you making a resolution for 2011?  Wanna share?

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