05 December 2010

Brassiere of Doom

It's Sunday morning, and we're hanging out at home (I know, I know, we should go to church since we're actually in town...).  We do have some things to accomplish today before a 1:00 birthday party, so I just took a shower to hopefully start everyone else moving in the direction of dressed and ready to go.  While I was in the shower, I kept hearing a commotion and lots of "to infinity, and beyond!" coming from the kids' room.  (Did I mention that Noble has 2 Buzz Lightyears and his favorite thing to play right now is "I'm Buzz Lightyear...no, I'M Buzz Lightyear!" with Daddy?)  When I got out of the shower, I heard them talking to each other (Buzz and Jessie, that is) about "losing your powers!  Get in there!"  I opened the door to find my 3 kids (the young ones and the Daddyboy one) playing in our curtains--they all looked up, surprised, to see me (hello...it was the shower, not a different city).  

As it turns out, they'd moved into our room to play.  And they were taking turns hiding each other under the...duh, duh, duh...brassiere of doom.  It's apparently a very magical place that strips heroes of their power.

image:  nootka.co.uk

Ahem.  I don't know now if I should wear it, or fear it.

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