07 May 2009

Too Punny!

James says I'm the queen of puns...he's just jealous because I'm so punny!  I can take pretty much anything and make a happy out of it.  Here are some of the things I've done for teachers and volunteers in the past...

payday  --  you can say just about anything, you deserve it, you don't get paid nearly what you're worth..
100 grand bars  --  kind of like payday, but something like, you're priceless, you're GRAND...
3 musketeers  --  thanks for being part of our team!
snickers  --  thanks for your sense of humor!
pop rocks --  you ROCK!
sharpie marker  --  teachers leave a permanent mark on the lives they touch...
post-it  --  take note...  or something about sticking around...
chalk  --  you can't erase memories, chalk it up to...
crayons  --  there are all kinds of great poems out there about crayons :)
flair pens  --  you've got flair!
dum dums  --  you're no dum-dum...
smarties  --  what a smarty!
apple  --  an apple for the teacher
pudding  --  thanks for pudding your heart & soul into your work, thanks for pudding up with me...
chips  --  you're all that and a bag of chips (ha!)
soda  --  it's soda-lightful to work with you!
mountain dew  --  thanks for all that you DEW
raisins  --  thanks for your help raisin' our kids
tea  --  you're tea-riffic!
lifesavers  -- you're a lifesaver!
riesen -- this one's obvious...substitute for "reason"

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