13 May 2009

Feels like summer...but it's NOT

Around here, it feels like summer.  We're eating summer foods...doing summer THINGS.  Yesterday I signed the kids up for swim lessons, and we talked about the summer reading program at the library.  Last night we hung out at the Bogans until almost 9--it was a gorgeous evening, and it just went too fast!  Next weekend we go to the beach (yea!!!)...that REALLY feels like summer.  But before all that, I've got a truckload of work to get done--more of it in Houston than I'd like.  Today's a commute day, and I just have to suck it up and go.  It's one of the good ones, though, as I'm not leaving until after the kids leave for school.  But then there are like, 4 days in a row where I have to be there at 8 AM so I have to leave here at 5 AM...I know, I know, the math doesn't work out but it's just the way the traffic works.  If I leave here after 5:30, it adds an hour to an hour and a half to my 90 minute commute--how crazy is that?  

I really had in my head that I'd finish my course-building job yesterday, work today, write reports and organize the new IKEA tubs I'm getting today tomorrow, work Friday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday in Houston...you get the idea.  I had a plan.  So I guess I'd better get to work on redoing the course-building so I can get it off my plate...

Alrighty.  I've been up for almost 30 minutes and so far, have just checked my e-mail and blogs.  I suppose it's time to get to work.  And decide what I'm going to wear today...that's one of the hardest things about going to "real" work, deciding what to wear.  And ironing--ugh.  :)  

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