14 May 2009

Hello, Princess!

 If you read our family blog, you know I've been on a cleaning/organizing kick.  The last step--before a big ol' storage unit clean-up--is to box up Kayci's toys, etc. and store them in the armoire.  So, I've been trying to fit in a trip to IKEA and it just hasn't worked.  I was SUPPOSED to be done with one of my freelance things yesterday...so to reward myself, I planned to hit IKEA on the way out of Houston last night so I could work on that today.  Well, I didn't finish the job so the tubs will have to sit empty, BUT...when I got to IKEA, I had to send James this picture, titled, "Hello, Princess!"  
I figured the awesome parking space was a sign that God approves of my plan...and yes, it was a very satisfying--but quick!--trip to IKEA!  :)  

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