15 May 2009


It's Friday here...usually a day to rush around, getting ready for the weekend or even hitting the road.  But today, we get to stay here in town.  We'll get to stay in town until about lunch time tomorrow, and then we'll head to Houston for back-to-back fun times with family and friends.  But until lunch tomorrow, it's just the 4 of us, here at home.  The plan this evening WAS that James would come home, pick us up, and we'd all go to Lowe's to pick up Daddy's new grill.  (He's so excited!)  But the kids--BOTH kids--fell asleep once we got home and settled down a bit after a very grumpy, quick trip to Wal Mart (now I know why they were grumpy!).  

So I've had half an hour to just BE...I've been sitting here on the couch beside a sleeping baby, looking at a big girl curled up in the chair.  I probably could have finished that last report in that half an hour, but I didn't feel like it--instead, I checked my Facebook page, checked my e-mails, googled something I wondered about...and now, heaven help me, I could curl up and go to sleep, too!

But I won't--James will be home in a few minutes and we'll have a yummy dinner cooked on our new grill (chicken breasts, roasted corn, and grilled zucchini & squash).  And later, after the kids go to bed, we have a "Grey's Anatomy" to watch, and I hear it's SOMETHING.  :)

I was talking to my mom a few minutes ago and she asked if I got everything in the IKEA tubs & put away.  I didn't...honestly, I didn't even get my "paid" work done today.  But you know what?  It's okay--I needed to be a mom today, so I was.  The other stuff, I can catch up on later.  :)

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