14 May 2009

Graduation Caps

(This is Bakerella's photo...I borrowed it so you'd be sure to go to her site and see what other awesome photos she has...be prepared to stay awhile!!  Thanks, Bakerella!)

I've seen these in Family Fun magazine for years...but never had the occasion to make them.  This year, I'm SOOOOOOOOO doing them for Kayci's Kindergarten graduation next week (no, I have NO idea when I'll do them, but I'm doing them!!!) and I thought you guys might like them for your friends who are graduating, too!

Here's the link to Family Fun, and they also have a video if you're interested: http://familyfun.go.com/recipes/special/feature/famf0600gradcap/famf0600gradcap.html

I'm actually going to make a hybrid of Family Fun's and Bakerella's...will do them on a lollipop stick, with graham tops and green candy tassels: 

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