28 April 2011

Whose Child?

This morning was our last Bible study. As always, the conversation was exactly what I needed, and I wanted to share an image that has stuck with me.  

Leslie talked about how she pictures walking along a long road, holding her child's hand...and Jesus is at the other end of the road.  At some point, she knows they will reach Jesus, her child will let go of Mom's hand, and reach for His for the rest of the journey.  

Think about that for a minute.

Whose child is he?

Whose child is she?

They are ours for just a short while in the grand scheme of things.  In these few years, we are charged with equipping them for LIFE.  Loving them, guiding them, teaching them, nurturing them...nowhere in the Bible does it say we should make sure they are never unhappy and never want for anything.

Our generation has got that wrong, but that's another post.

As much as we want them to be little forever, they cannot.  And they won't.  Time marches on and all.

Lord, help me to guide these children to You.  And when the time comes, give me the strength to let go. I realized this morning that just as damaging as not holding their hands and guiding them along the path is holding on too tightly...and not letting go when it's time for them to go with You.

Whose children are they?  They are Yours.  Thank you for the blessing of these days when I can love them as mine.

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