15 April 2011

Packing Light

I'm a notorious over-packer.  I like to be prepared for anything and everything a trip throws my way.  Seriously...a 2 day trip for me usually requires at least 2 bags.  BIG bags.  So, when it came to packing for FOUR days for a trip to a state I'd never visited before (who knew what the weather would be like?  Forget that we have technology that can tell us!), with a small child who tends to make messes...I had a little freak out.  My tendency to overpack was at war with my rational mind, and I was picturing myself in an airport trying to lug 14 bags and a tired/sleeping 3 year old around (I knew by the time we got there, he'd be exhausted).  So...I bit the bullet.  I packed LIGHT.  One bag.  Really, I did.  (Well, two, technically since we put his car seat in a 2nd bag...but that's all that was in the car seat bag.)

The morning we left, James caught me walking in anxious circles around the house, and I had to fess up:  I was trying to picture four days without my Bible study or quiet time, and I was already miserable.  So, Captain Obvious came to the rescue and said, take your Bible, then.  Hmm.  I honestly hadn't thought of that.  The bag was full and heavy already...after all, I have a Bible app on my phone, I could have just looked up the verses I need.  Right?  Right?

Nope.  I have to be honest about this--there were YEARS when my Bible was put away.  YEARS when I didn't read it or study it or use it, period.  But once I got it out and, yes, literally dusted it off, it was like reuniting with my oldest, best friend.  There is comfort in holding it and flipping through the pages.  There are answers to my questions in there, words that encourage me and comfort me and exhort me to do better, try harder...live right.  It's so much more than just a book.  It's His book.  And even though it made my bag that much heavier, it was so worth it to have it on my trip.  I didn't even notice the extra weight, because it made my burdens so much lighter.

So the point of the story?  I finally learned to pack light.  But, I learned that I've had it wrong for a lot of years, and have been carrying around the wrong baggage.

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