09 April 2011

Flight 3096

8:00 we make our (okay, my) last potty stop...2 minutes from the airport

8:15 check-in goes smoothly, kids have fun weighing themselves :)

8:30 Noble cries when only two if us get in line for security; Mommy distracts him with a job

8:55 after days of insisting that we will fly on a blue plane, Mommy is relieved to see that our plane is, in fact, blue

9:15 we board the plane, and discover that 3 year-old Noble doesn't elicit the looks of horror infant and toddler ahead of us are getting; a gentleman compliments us on Noble's tattoo (Mommy's cell #, just in case)

9:25 plane takes off, Noble enjoys a blue ring pop and the view...wheeeeee, he says as we blast off!

9:35 Noble remembers Daddy & Kayci aren't on the plane and cries

9:36 Mommy digs out a happy Daddy stashed in Noble's backpack, a coloring book

9:40 Noble colors

9:48 Noble remembers Daddy & Kayci aren't on the plane and cries

9:49 Mommy breaks out Noble's phone, which Daddy has stocked with new shows

9:50 Mommy realizes Daddy will enjoy reading this and starts writing it

9:53 Noble orders a Dr. Pepper

10:14 snack time--Noble proclaims it "not icky!"...and continues watching "Mario"

10:22 Noble discovers something even better than space nuts: honey-roasted, sugar-coated space nuts

11:03 the natives are restless; Noble demands that the 2nd set of identical snacks be opened, Mommy wonders...again...what color baby clothes she'll be buying for Baby Turpin (Lynn's ultrasound was at 10:30!)

11:17 and, he's out...

11:25 the pilot announces that we're landing early in Phoenix; of course we are, thinks the Mommy of the preschooler who us notoriously grumpy when woken up from short naps...wheeeeee....

11:55 he sticks the landing!

12:05 surprise #1: it's raining in Phoenix! Surprise #2: it's cold--reeeeeeeallllly cold! Surprise #3:
We're neither dressed NOR packed for the weather.

12:30 with Noble properly--minus the shoes--attired, we are relieved to find the baggage claim AND both bags!

12:37 we're signing off to wait for my cousin (and our ride!). And oh, yes, Noble's crying for Daddy and Kayci again...thank You, God, for safe travel and answered prayers!

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James Pharaon said...

Awesome. Thanks for doing this post, Girl. Love you and miss you BIG!