07 April 2011

The Empty Town That Saved the World

Noble and I had the BEST conversation after MOPS today. I asked him what kind of art he made, and he said, "oh, I just colored Jesus and some empty town."

I said, "oh, you mean his tomb?" "Yes! Dat thing."

So I explained about the empty tomb and where Jesus is and what it means to us...and my little knucklehead, after thinking for a minute, said, "Jesus wuvs ME! And GOD wuvs me!"

A few seconds later, he kind of chuckled and said, "God is my favorite!!"

He's my favorite, too, Bubby. And Jesus is pretty cool, too. So if you're having a rough day today, remember: Jesus loves you, and so does his Daddy. And you know what? You're HIS favorite!

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