11 April 2011

Suitcase Surprises

It's become tradition to stock Daddy's suitcases with notes and "happys" when he travels. I rarely travel overnight, but it turns out Daddy and Kayci continued our tradition. This trip has been great (time with family in a beautiful location), but a bit of a challenge, as well...the happys from home have kept me smiling and focused on what's important.

I discovered a surprise in Noble's backpack while we were on the plane, smiled and didn't think anymore about it. When I went to hang up my clothes at Pat's, I found this:

And later this:

And then a set of notes from my Bitty:

Late that first night, when I dug out pajamas, I discovered another piece of home:

And the next morning:

I'm looking forward to another day of memories and family time, but I'm also looking forward to hugging my Boy and my Bitty tomorrow. :)

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