23 June 2010

A Whole New Level

Whenever I work with a teacher on classroom arrangement, I always talk about getting down on the kids' level and looking at the world/classroom through their eyes. When Noble was a baby and spent his days down on the floor, I found myself looking at our house in a whole new way--I noticed things I'd never noticed before and realized how, to a child, functional things must look like toys...and it was humbling. It made me really stop and think about how I talk to kids (specifically, my kids) and helped me realize that the world is a pretty confusing place to little ones. But that's not where I meant to go with this...

...a few minutes ago, I was enjoying a bowl of cereal with the Bubby. He turned around and something caught his eye. He got very excited, "Wook, MomMom...(fish)!" (Noble doesn't actually say fish...it's more of this weird nasal sh up in his head.) It took me a minute to figure out what he was talking about--it was the magazine box. I guess I never really look at it anymore, but sure enough, there's a fish on there.

Back when we were first married and James and Dad still fished every weekend (or close to it!), I found this old apple crate at an estate auction and brought it home for magazines. We've used it for so long, it's just part of the landscape. It took a 2 year old to make me take a minute and appreciate that box again after all these years...it's been a busy week and there's no signs of a slow down coming, but I'm grateful for a reminder that the stuff that's keeping me busy isn't the important stuff, after all. It just finances the important stuff. :)

Here's to taking a second look at YOUR world today!

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