14 June 2010


Yesterday we took the kids to Haitham's to swim. I did something I never, ever get to do...I sat and watched. It was fun to just observe my little family, and enjoy the sun. Of course I wasn't prepared to just "sit"...no book or magazine. Luckily, Kayci finished her book on the way into town so I read an old favorite while I sat there.

Sidebar: I think it's so cool that she's ready to read some of the chapter books I read at her age...and I love the language Beverly Cleary uses (you know, she says "cross" instead of grumpy, "quarrel" instead of argue--fun!).

Back to the original post...it was fun to be an observer and just people-watch. It reminded me how nice it is to stop DOing every once in a while and just...BE. Good advice for myself as we head into Birthday Week! (Can you believe Kayci will be SEVEN in just 4 days?)

Have a great week!

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