10 June 2010

Late Bloomer

More on the flowers, I know. So, I've used this week (James being out of town was a great excuse) to focus on my kids and step back from some of the work stress. I needed some perspective, and to rediscover my positive attitude and find my motivation, all that stuff. I have enjoyed the mini-vacay, I won't lie. Yesterday James headed home, and it was time for me to face my work reality again. So I did. I had a text conversation with my supervisor (you'd be surprised how much you can say that way!), and then I had a long conversation with my partner in crime and we talked out things from this year, talked about things for next year. And I hung up the phone feeling 100% better and refreshed and ready to face the challenges ahead.

I was reminded of this when the kids and I woke up this morning to find that one of our flowers had bloomed into this gorgeous orange beauty. When we bought the flowers, all of the arrangements had a few that were yet to bloom. I assumed that the blooms would just be one of the other flowers in the arrangement, and I wasn't all that excited about it. When we saw this beautiful bloom, it so exceeded anything I could have expected or imagined. And this made me think about what's been going on at work, and where we are right now. Sometimes when you look at something for so long, you just assume it's one thing. But when you turn your back, and then look again...you see it's something completely different. Or when you look at it through someone else's eyes, you see that it's more beautiful than you could ever have imagined on your own.

That's where I am right now with one of my jobs. It was time to step back and look--not at what I expected to see after looking at it for so long--at what it IS. It's not what it used to be, and it's not what I had hoped it would be after the last year's work. It is what it is, and while unexpected, it's going to be better than I could have imagined on my own. Hear that, team? We've got our work cut out for us, but we're in it together.

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