08 June 2010

Fun with Flowers

I recently inherited, for lack of a better word, an awesome silver tray. I didn't want to put it right into storage...so I let it sit out on my table for a few days while I contemplated it. Since it's me we're talking about, I have about a zillion canning jars sitting around for absolutely no reason, so I gathered up several different sizes and types and grouped them on the tray, then let the kids pick a flower arrangement to cannibalize. (I would have gone white and green, I think, but this is fun--Noble sat at the table with me and put the flowers into the jars...Daddy will be so proud that he has yet another awesome wife talent!).

PS**Kayci started gymnastics yesterday! Check out the post on our family blog--I'm so proud of her. And I love, love the giraffe leotard SHE picked out. I promise, I didn't influence her choice a bit.

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