16 June 2010

I Can Only Imagine...

I heard it today in the car, and just had to smile. It used to be that hearing that song made me SO sad. But several months ago, it came on in the car and I could just see what it would be like to get to Heaven and have Dad take me around, introducing me to the people he's been visiting with, telling stories to, fishing with...then when Sami died, I heard it again and I just pictured her up there being Dad's dog again and smiling her doggy smile. :D Man, I miss them. There's so much comfort, though, in thinking of Dad as whole and healthy again, and totally in his element. Heaven's gotta be well, heaven for him, nothing but time, nothing to do but shoot the sh*t and tell stories. I bet in Heaven, Dad's friends think I'm running a school district, Ronny's telling Steve Jobs what to do, and Timmy's never had a team lose a football game. And the grandkids? Well, the practically perfect part is totally true. :) As for the rest, I can only imagine.

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