25 June 2010


I have intentionally NOT read anything about the iphone4 (If you're new to our little story, I have had an iphone since the day they came out...6/29/07. I'm on phone #3, currently, and I love, love my 3GS). First of all, I only upgraded to the 3GS last summer, so my phone is in great shape. Secondly, the 3GS can take the software update that will mimic the iphone4, so the only thing I'd be missing out on is hardware. And C, as James would say, he still has his original iphone and we've been waiting for the 4 for HIS upgrade. So I knew we were getting one this week, and that it would be his, and I was FINE with just being able to use his sometime. All of that, and I've been too busy with work to read articles or any of the online commentary about the new phone, so I really have no idea what I'm missing.

Well, yesterday I had to go to LaPorte (and you're welcome for the rain, friends!). I was soooooo tired on the way back, I had to work pretty hard to keep myself awake (like, I considered stopping...I was that tired). Poor Kayci, I didn't tell her why I kept talking to her and bugging her but I could tell she'd much rather be listening to her music on her headphones than talking to me. :) Anyway, so I was soooo glad to be home, and I'd talked to James at lunch so I knew his new phone had arrived. I was just glad to see him, period. I immediately came in and put away Wednesday's laundry and then started chopping veggies for salsa (I was tired--I wanted to eat and then go to bed!) and after James played with the kids for a bit, he brought his phone in. Can I just say, Apple lovers, that it is GORGEOUS? And it feels so good in your hand...he showed me a few things and he'd been telling me all day that the best part (so far) was the camera. So he pointed the phone at me to take a picture...and it FLASHED. I did NOT know it was going to have a flash! I was so shocked...and so excited. Then I saw how crisp the picture was, and then, only then, did I regret not saving enough money to buy an iphone4 for me. I told him that I'd used my phone today to snap some pictures for work (I love being able to do that!) but that I'd really needed to use a flash, and then we kind of talked through when we can afford one for me. But I knew it wasn't anytime in the near future, with vacation and summer and debt...and yes, I was a little bummed. James was talking about how he's bummed that he won't be able to video conference with anyone but Ronny (not that Ronny's not awesome, but I doubt he'll want to spend a lot of time chatting with James just to use their iphones). Then, as I'm still running numbers in my head and trying to figure out when we can find the money in our budget, James went into the office for a minute and came back and said, "I haven't been completely honest with you."

And hands me this.

The wrapper was still on the box, so I was sooooo confused, until it dawned on me that it was a SECOND phone. My sweet boy had stashed away some freelance money so we could BOTH have a new phone. (I know, I know, it's a luxury and I don't NEED it, but I'm so grateful--seriously, I'll use the camera for work and blogging. I can't wait!!!)

Shortly after dinner, I fell asleep, so I didn't get to even touch my new phone. Just for grins this morning, I snapped a 2nd picture of the box on the table so you can see the difference. Keep in mind, the pictures are taken 10 hours apart, so it was full daylight in the first picture. But see how much sharper this one is? Ahhh...

I giggle a little inside when I think about going through airport security and dumping out 4 iphones, a laptop and an ipad. Geeks. Freakin' geeks.

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