26 June 2010

A DogHouse, a Mouse and a House

About a month before Sami died, we noticed that a field mouse (or mice, let's be real) lived under her house. It was actually really cute...we'd see the mouse every evening. Noble would look every time we walked out there...it was part of the Sami routine. And come on, a dog with her own mouse? How cute is that?

Well...then after Sami died, we saw the mouse for a while longer...then no more. And then a few weeks ago, in OUR house, we started seeing signs that the mouse had migrated inside. Makes sense, since its food supply was cut off out there. I borrowed a no-kill trap and thought, alrighty, this'll be easy and humane, I'll let him go somewhere else.

Um, no luck. And then I started hearing him in the piano almost every morning when I was up working, and seeing evidence of him in different places around the house. SIGH. So then we put out the snappy inhumane traps, feeling a little desperate. The little booger was having none of it. In fact, Thursday morning he was even darting around between hidey-holes WHILE WE WATCHED. I won't embarrass my Boy by telling you that he tried to catch it and oh, how funny that was...I won't do it.

Finally, last night I told James this is it, we're going to have to put poison out (Noble will be out of the house for a couple of days). I didn't want to do it, but desperate times (okay, I found out this week that the mouse CHEWED on my biggest, best Mixed Bag...and I found out as I was lugging 60 pounds of binders in it.)...so we went to the store to buy poison. But my Boy knew better, and knew that poison wasn't a way we wanted to go, so he picked up the electronic traps instead as our last-ditch effort. (Yes, Ronny, you told us that was the way to go when we told you about the mouse but I was trying to save $$. That $5 was SO NOT WORTH SAVING. You were right!)

This morning, the trap is closed and says "Mouse Caught." I wish you could have seen James' face when my response was, "oh, that's so sad." But it is sad--I didn't want it to die. Well, sometimes I wanted it to die. I just wanted it to LEAVE. But I get it...I wouldn't leave this house willingly, either. Still, it's just sad.

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