23 June 2010

Pop goes the...cake. :)

This was Kayci's birthday cake--I just had to share it with you guys! If you know us well, you know we eat at Brenham Olde Towne Bakery almost every Thursday or Friday and that we love, love Ms. Carol, Jenny & the crew there. The ladies could totally be on an extreme cake challenge--they are THAT good. :) Well, I have always, always made Kayci's birthday cakes (except for the year we did a breakfast party, then I stacked donuts and made a fun cake). She's been saying for a while now (since we started hanging out in the bakery, surprise surprise...) that she'd really like a bakery cake. Not just A bakery cake...THIS bakery cake. So several weeks ago we went in for breakfast and I visited with Ms. Carol and found out that a cake was totally in our budget. Placed the order, just said "popcorn box." And THIS is what they did! They are all about lagniappe there--no matter what we ask for, Ms. Carol always throws in something extra, and this cake was no exception. I'm sorry, but I paid for a plain sheet cake with buttercream icing...this is so, so much more! It was a little painful to cut into it, I won't lie, but we did take pictures. :) OH! And speaking of cutting into it...moms, this may be the best part...it tasted WONDERFUL! Like, as good as the one bite of my wedding cake good. As good as any wedding cake I've ever had (and you guys get married. A lot.). I pride myself on making amazing cupcakes, but this cake...mmm. It was GOOD. Kayci chose a strawberry filling which kind of turned me off until I tasted it...again, mmm.

So, if you're in town or anywhere in flying distance (seriously, they'll get it to you as long as the cake fits in a van or Excursion to get to the airport!), I recommend our friends at Brenham Olde Towne Bakery. And if you're just passing through, pop in and grab some homemade bread and a lemon bar and a pecan bar and a German Chocolate cookie and a cupcake...well, you'll have a hard time picking. That's why we visit frequently. :) (And nope, this isn't a paid advertisement--I just believe in honoring work done well. And that cake ROCKED!)

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