10 June 2010

Soundtrack of our Life

Tonight I got to go on a real, live date with my boy. Babysitter? Check. Dinner out? Check. Great conversation? Check. Movie about a band...wait a second. So I wasn't crazy-excited about going to see the Rush documentary ("Beyond the Lighted Stage"). But I WAS excited to have some alone time with my boy, and I figured I'd just grin and bear it during the movie. Sitting there, though, I was reminded of when we were dating and Rush was often on in the background whenever we were in James' car or at his apartment...they were his favorite band, and beyond a mention in someone's Humanities project (Alf--was it you?), I'd never heard of them. But over the years I've really come to respect the group and like their music (well, okay, some of it). After watching the movie and seeing that they really are just nerds who love to make music, I think I like them even more. I know that I definitely like the feelings that I remember when I hear their music, and I'll never forget going to my first Rush concert with James. Are you ready for this? I fell asleep. Seriously. If you're familiar with Rush, you know there ain't nothin' soothing about their music...it was just a wild time in my life when I ran myself ragged and tended to fall asleep whenever I finally got still. Oh, wait, that's most times in my life, right. :) I get a chance to redeem myself in a couple of months, though...James is way excited that we'll get to see Rush, ZZ Top & Tom Petty back to back. I'm pretty excited, too--2 hot dates! Anyone wanna babysit?

PS--Highly, highly recommend the movie. I didn't even get up to use the restroom, if that tells you anything--it hooked me from the start and I just never felt like getting up--even after I poured coke all down the front of my dress. Then, in trying to clean that up, I dropped and spilled my ENTIRE bag of chocolate covered almonds. It's a gift, friends, what can I say?

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