01 December 2009

Favorite Things

I was taking out the trash this morning and thinking, in totally unrelated thoughts, that maybe this month I'll just blog about my favorite things--what makes me happy. I know I won't stick to it, because it's such an important time of year (Jesus coming to the world as a BABY? To an ordinary man & woman? Like I could NOT write about that...). But anyway, I was thinking that today I'd post a pic of some of our Christmas decorations that make me smile. When I went inside and cleaned off my desk, I found something, though, that needs to go first. More often than I deserve, I find a note like this taped to my bedside table, stuck in one of my desks, laying on my side of the bed...I just never know when one will pop up. This one was in with some of her school papers to file, so I'm thinking she made this one at school during center time. What a wonderful start to my workday! Once again, Kayci has reminded me WHY I do what I do...I needed that focus today. Check out the cursive signature she's working on these days. :) How fun!

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