04 December 2009

Favorite Things

If you know me at all, you know that writing is definitely one of my favorite things! Today's Housewife is one of my favorite blogs, and today I'm their guest blogger. That's pretty cool--but I'll tell you a secret: anyone can do it. You just have to e-mail them! :) So check it out HERE. I'll tell you another secret, and the Housewives know it, too--I cheated a bit and mixed in a couple of last year's stories that I published on our blogs because they said exactly what I wanted to say, and I'd already written them. No reason to reinvent even that wheel, right?
Happy Friday! And hey, what are some of YOUR favorite things??

(P.S. I'm sitting by the window working, NOT seeing snow. There were some flakes when I unloaded groceries, but no blizzard, yet. Yup, sarcasm. But I'll enjoy it if it DOES snow--promised the kids I'd pick them up early and do hot chocolate and sugar cookies. Well, not that Noble cares, but Kayci's thrilled at the idea!)

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