08 December 2009

Okay, okay, some favorite things...

Too many people are having a yucky day to leave it with no GOOD THINGS. So here are some of my favorite things this morning:

Our new bed: It's freakin' high, but I really enjoy being IN it. Or ON it, whichever is correct. Seriously, it's like staying at the Marriott every night. Love it! And I have the quilt flipped to white for the Christmas season...love that, too. :)

Zebra scarf: My friend Dee was wearing this AWESOME scarf last week--imagine my surprise to find out you can be all fabulous with a $5 WalMart scarf. So I held off for...less than 24 hours. Hee hee. (The candy cane scarves we wore to the parade were also of the $5 fabulous variety.) I stuck my boots in the pic because the scarf is SO fun with them. And it was fun yesterday with my zebra flats...I will try desperately to NOT wear the scarf...or zebra shoes of any kind...tomorrow. Hmm...

OH! Our first Christmas card of the year: Our first card came in the mail this morning! It's from Ginny & Marty (also known as Mandy's parents). So thanks, Ginny--your card totally snapped me out of my funk!!! :) See, you're ALWAYS good for a smile, friend!

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