08 December 2009

Not so favorite thing...

I know I've been posting about happy things, but I'm not in a really happy place today. Part of it is that there are a couple of situations right now where I'm not exactly sure what to do. (Sorry, I don't, in fact, know everything. I just like to act like I do!) Part of it is my trashed house, big pile of laundry and even bigger pile of work I need to plow through today. A big part of it, too, is the weather. I HATE DREARY DAYS. I need sunshine, people. I know that dreary days are a part of life, but so many in a row...blech. So that's my not so favorite thing: the dreary weather today. I'd much rather go to a movie and drink some hot cocoa somewhere than have to sit here by the window that doesn't have sunlight streaming through it and work. Double blech.

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