28 December 2009

Cleaning up after a long, crazy year...

We had a wonderful Christmas, from start to finish! Did you? I hope so! James and I both woke up on Saturday with one thing in mind: organizing the office! How many times have wd changed that room since we've lived here? I've lost count! Maybe when we get it done I'll post pics of every re-do. :)

Anyway, we're ready to see what 2010 has in store for us. Our plan: to be debt-free a year
from now. God's plan? He'll show us as we go, I'm sure!

Here are a few in progress pics...

Chrome shelves = happy Mommy!

A new system for coats, backpacks, etc.

A fun idea to discourage Bitty from taping papers to the wall...show you the rest later!

Noble's new corner: we finally found a home for James' Baseman poster...he's thrilled!

The last of the cubes are on the way out...along with lots of other stuff. We're purging, baby!

I moved the drawers into my desk corner in our room...it's not ideal to work in there, but it's wasted space otherwise. I've got a long way to go to get it all organized, but I'm going to get there. :). My desk in the office was just a place to pile stuff, so I feel like I've made huge progress!

I picked this up--it's good if you need some motivation!

I have been looking for a shower clutter solution--finally, free corners!!

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