30 November 2009

Favorite Things

When we got married, Anne & Fred gave us this awesome enamelware pitcher they got in Fredericksburg. Ever since, it's lived on our kitchen counter to hold our wooden spoons and other utensils. And every year when we go to Fredericksburg, I'm tempted to buy more pieces, but it's hard to justify that at Christmas time when we have the trip and so many other things to pay for. But that's the beauty of living on a budget--every paycheck, James and I each get what we call "blow money" (it's Dave Ramsey's idea, we're not that smart). It's money that we don't have to answer for, we can use it for whatever we want. We can save it up (that's how James got his awesome grill) or just waste it (that's how James got his new Little Rascals DVD set. Just kidding, boy-o!). The point is, I went to Fredericksburg this time with money to burn. It was the first time ever! I went to all of my favorite stores, but just couldn't get excited enough to buy anything. Until we went to the five and dime...and I saw the enamelware in the window. And I knew it was time. So I picked some of my favorite pieces to add to my collection, and 4 days later, I'm still smiling!

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