09 November 2009

Bye, bye, fizz, fizz...

So you know I had to quit meat again a while back. It's gone well--I've not been sick much at all, though there was the day after I ate that horrible Tastycake on Kayci's field trip and felt like I'd been kicked in the gut. Ugh. No Crisco-filled cakes, duly noted. But a strange thing happened this fall as I found myself having more and more "sick" days and gall-bladderish symptoms...I quit drinking my water and started drinking Cokes. A lot of Cokes--like, 2 or 3 a day. Which of course cancels out the healthier diet. And my poor teeth--not nearly as white as I'd like. (By the way, if you're just joining us: I had my gall bladder out in April of 2007...so really, should NOT be having gall bladder attacks anymore. You'd think. What works for me is to cut out meat, although a few grilled shrimp and light fish don't seem to hurt, and to cut down on fats.)

James and I have made a pact: starting today, with the exception of Mommy water (plain carbonated water that I love with Sonic ice & lemon), our life is a fizz-free zone. Not even...gasp!...beer. We're both quitting cokes and all things fizzy and calorie-laden. He's a man, so he'll decide today to quit cokes and by this evening his 6-pack will be reemerging. My motivation? Well, cutting out those calories is a big one. My other motivation? Over at Today's Housewife, they challenged us to make one small change this month, and to be purposeful in bringing about that change in our lives every day this month. I think that getting healthier is a huge change that I need to make, but since it's me, I need to take baby steps. Cutting out cokes is both a baby step and a huge step, so it just feels right for that to be "my change."

Wish me luck! It'll probably be fine until we have tacos or something else that I don't like to eat without a coke or beer...or, you know, until tonight when we sit down to watch "Mad Men" and I'd like a beer. Or, you know, until lunch when we run errands and I'd like a Sonic coke. Who am I kidding? It ain't gonna be easy. But it's way worth it, so I'm all in!

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James Pharaon said...

I think in the spirit of Mad men, perhaps you and I should take up hard liquor.

What? It's not fizzy...

Hey! I think my 6-pack is back!! Score!