20 November 2009

Holy Cow!

This is what I saw when I backed out of Lauren's driveway this morning after a quick visit. I brought coffee, she made homemade coffee cake...perfect pairing, and a great way to start my day. :) I couldn't resist snapping this picture--she assured me that they would move, but I was still very, very cautious driving out. I almost videoed this one calf who would NOT move from the path and then, once I edged him out, kept running and bucking beside my car. I was a little worried he'd jump the cattle guard and follow me home. Hee hee.

So it's Friday, and while I do have a ton of work and some stress there to work through, I am also pretty peaceful today. There's always going to be work and stress, but I don't have to stay all twisted up about it. Good advice, when you think on it. :)

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