06 November 2009

Home again. Now what?

This is a picture I snapped as we flew into Houston Tuesday night. I know that I wasn't born in Houston, and we've lived in Brenham for 3 1/2 years now (really!), but Houston, for whatever reason, is still HOME. So when we saw Downtown, it was like, ahh...home. Of course, getting home from vacation is always a great feeling...until you GET home. Then the suitcases come in, the house gets trashed, real life comes crashing back...and all of the peace and serenity from vacation? Gone. And when you bring home sickly kiddos? Ha. So there's my gripe--it's been a bit of a rough re-entry here this week. But right this second, I'm sitting in a mostly clean house, laundry's half-done, and I've got 4 hours to bang out some work (work this week has been accomplished in small increments, but I'll take it!). It ought to be a great weekend, and I'm looking forward to both great family time and some DOWN time on Sunday. Well, I hope, anyway! Perhaps, as we talked about yesterday, I should quit freakin' making plans. I made plans for yesterday and sent Noble off to school...only to find out that a friend was having a major crisis and my day's plans would need to change. And then change again. And that's okay, because it's all going to work out in the end. We had Kayci's first Girl Scout meeting here last night, and that was lots of fun...we've been blessed with 7 great girls and some awesome parents. So that's fun! I need to quit babbling and get to work...hope you all are going to have a great weekend!!!

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