17 November 2009

Empty Room

I meant to go to bed an hour ago, but my stomach had different ideas. I overdid it this weekend with the high-fat foods and my body is revolting. Hee hee. Sadly, it's true both ways. :)

Anyway, so I had some time on my hands and I put it to good use, finally putting away (well, stuffing in closets, etc.) our stuff from Philadelphia and some work stuff that was overtaking my table. And the receipts that I need to file. And some Christmas gifts that haven't found a home yet that were just hanging out on my desk. And Noble's new coat that we bought...and then came home to warm weather. You get the idea--our room became a dumping ground over the past few weeks and it was driving me crazy. I met James in the driveway today at 5:15 with a stack of tubs to take back to storage (we swapped our summer for fall clothes weeks ago...and yet the tubs somehow lingered in our room), along with Kayci's twin bed. It feels good to go to sleep knowing the kids room--all but the closet, but we'll get there--is clean and organized. Umm...strike that clean. I need to move all of her pictures and dust on top of her tall shelf, but again, I'll get there. So it's cleaner than it was and more organized, and I even talked her out of a couple of toys that don't do much but take up space. (Woo hoo!) Oh! And I'm especially proud of my newly clean and organized bathroom cabinet. I won't go into too much detail there, but we had expired medicine from 2007...looks like I missed more than a spring cleaning last year. Whoops!

All in all, I had a great day. That's just the stuff that happened during my "work" time. I met Heather for coffee this morning (well, my tummy called for tea, but it was great!), and after school I took my kiddos and the Headleys to story time at the library. And then we went to storage and grabbed Dominoes for dinner and worked together to move some things on the kids' walls and put away a few books...and then the kids went to bed and James and I watched a little HIMYM before he gave up and went to bed. And then I got a ton done in our bedroom, so it's ready for the big delivery on Thursday. (New QUEEN size mattress, guys...we're moving on up!) It's probably going to bug me that we haven't actually gotten the bed frame yet, but there's just not time between now and then. And that's okay. After we walked through the other house yesterday and I realized that we're where we're supposed to be, I was suddenly ready to get our house back together again. It's been a slow process this year, learning to work on a schedule and still balancing everything else that needs to happen and trying to be present as a Mommy and wife...but it's going well. I think, all things considered, we're doing great. It's a good feeling. James asked me at lunch time how my day was going. I was honest with him--I told him that I was really busy, but I wasn't earning any money today. He came right back and said that there's great value in what I'm doing. That made me smile--he gets it. And when he came home and thanked me for what I'd done today around the house, that made me smile, too. He could have ignored it, not even noticed it...but he noticed. And he took time to appreciate it, which means a lot.

Now, here's hoping I can get up when my alarm goes off and get myself off to work before Noble wakes up tomorrow morning...

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